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The Region

Our crops are located in Lousika region of Achaia, where prehistory has left an indelible mark and the soil reveals ancient secrets.

The name of the village derives from the ancient city of Lusi, with references to the historian Polybius and the geographer Pausanias as well as the fact that the athlete of Lusi named Agisilas who was declared winner as “Agisilas of Lusi” at the equestrian games of the 11th Pythian Games at Delphi in 542 BC shows the existence of this ancient Greek city.

Lousika village is located approximately in the middle of the fairly open valley of Peiros river at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level.

The soil, the water, the ancient roots reveal the constant human presence. The current region consisted the seabed during the prehistoric times, hence the soil contain many fossilized seashells of that time.

The area had undoubtedly been inhabited since the Paleolithic era and the findings of the wider valley of the river Peiros leave no doubt that the Paleolithic people had lived in the village of Lousika.

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